Apples a field Guide

Author: Michael Clark


£25.00 (P&P £5.00)

Hardcover: 193 pages

Publisher: Tewin Orchard (June 2015)

ISBN-13: 978 0 9549508 5 9

Dimensions: 297mm x 210mm

New edition of Apples a field Guide- NOW AVAILABLE.

‘What a splendid book this is, a rare treat, long overdue,’ said Peter Waine, Chairman of Brogdale Horticultural Trust where over 2,500 types of apple are included in the national fruit collection. The book is intended to help identify that unknown apple growing in your garden or in the park; to help you choose which variety to plant whether it be one, two or even an orchard - and encourage the planting of apple trees wherever there is space for them. The trees provide beauty in their shapes and blossoms as well as food for us. There is also a surplus for wildlife which live in and around their fruit and shade.

There is advice on rootstocks, but the main body of the book is the list of the 130 most popular types of apple; each of these is illustrated and history, details of flavour and texture, special requirements or characteristics and uses. Information on flowering time, pollination group, harvesting season and storage is given for each.

The story of how the author tracked down and propagated the Hitchin Pippin apple which was feared lost features a radio appeal and happy ending.

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